★HEIGHT:    168cm
★WEIGHT:    47Kg
★EYE COLOR:   Black
★ETHNICITY:   Japanese
★LOCATION:   North York
★SCHEDULE:   Back on April 3
★ROSE:   250/hh 350/45m 450/1hr(2s)

最新00后日本HIMEKA,真实年纪20岁,仅兼职3天,本地大学在读,说流利英文。难得的高颜值嫩妹,如同漫画里的DREAM GIRL,即使素颜也让人眼前一亮,集清纯可爱甜美于一身,清亮闪耀的眼眸,薄薄的双唇如玫瑰花瓣柔嫩欲滴,还有那由内而外散发出的清新自然的气味,绘成一幅清美的画卷。全天然身材高挑骨感,修长美腿搭配又翘又紧实的蜜桃臀,少女般的胸部挺拔娇嫩,常年健身的小腹隐约可见马甲线,皮肤光滑细腻,白净如玉。她的个性温柔可爱,开朗热情,配合度极高,带给你青春校园女友感,纯净的GFE感觉,45分钟以上可以免费口爆
New young Japanese HIMEKA, only work for 3 days,  real age is 20yrs,  local university student, speaking fluent English. She is just like a dream girl from the comic books. Her look is Stunning and elegant. She has beautiful eyes with long lashes, pointy nose, heart-shaped face, thin rosy look lips. Every inch of her skin exudes youthfulness. Her body is slim and slender, long legs with a rare apple butt, natural perky boobs, slim waist without extra fat. Her personality is out going and enthusiasm, excellent attitude, giving you the pure GFE feel. CIM is included for 45min up