1. 首次光临的顾客将自动获得 10 刀的优惠折扣。
2. 从每个月的第一天开始,我们将为尊贵的顾客提供优惠回赠,如果您在之前每月月底前消费 5 次,即可享受以下折扣优惠:
A. 如果您5 次预约均为 30分钟,则可享受 40 刀的折扣。
B. 如果您5 次预约均为45 分钟,可享受 60 刀折扣。
C. 如果您5 次 均为60 分钟或以上,可享受80 刀折扣。
如果您的 5 次预约长度不同,可联系我们讨论确定折扣金额。
优惠折扣必须在下个月的前2 周内兑换。*已兑换的折扣预约不计算在当月的累积预约次数。*
3. 推荐朋友来本店预约消费,双方均可享受 10 刀折扣。
Welcome to our new incentive program! 
 1. First time customers will automatically receive a welcome promotion of a $10 discount. 
2. Beginning each first day of the month, we’re now offering a loyalty discount to our valued customers. If you visit our shop 5x before the end of each month you’ll be entitled to the following promotional offer:
A. $40 discount if your 5 visits are 30m
B. $60 discount if your 5 visits are 45m
C. $80 discount if your 5 visits are 60m or longer. 
If your 5 sessions are of different lengths, we can discuss further. 
The promotional offer must be redeemed within 2 weeks of the following month once it is earned. 
*Discounted reservations that have been redeemed will not be counted towards the cumulative number of reservations for the month.* 
3. Refer a friend and receive a $10 discount each on your next session. 
We have the right to adjust or cancel this promotion at any time without notice.